patrol vehicle

Patrol Division

Patrol Officers are responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing civil, criminal laws, and traffic laws and investigating felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions in Jefferson County. They are also responsible for serving civil and criminal process of the Circuit Courts.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Platoons

Road Patrol operates on 12-hour shifts, with 4 platoons serving Jefferson County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The supervisors for each platoon are listed below.

Platoon One
  • Scott Schumer Lieutenant Email
  • Roger Wensler Sergeant Email
  • Greg Bohn Corporal Email
  • Dave Frank Corporal Email
Platoon Two
  • Chris Hoffman Lieutenant Email
  • Antony Dennis Sergeant Email
  • Christopher Gearon Corporal Email
  • David Rosner Corporal Email
Platoon Three
  • Bill Whiteley Lieutenant Email
  • Eric Burgard Sergeant Email
  • Alexander Kausler Corporal Email
  • Shawn Loness Corporal Email
Platoon Four
  • Gerald Williams Lieutenant Email
  • Jason Clardy Sergeant Email
  • Christina Boxx Corporal Email
  • Harvel Hampton Corporal Email