Crisis Intervention Unit

The JCSO Crisis Intervention Unit was officially established in 2021 with the hiring of Licensed Professional Counselor Lisa Flamion. In 2023, the unit expanded with the onboarding of doctoral student Austin Schwent.

The CIU is responsible for providing crisis support to community members experiencing severe mental illness or behavioral health crisis by either responding directly to the call for service or completing follow-up check-ins via phone or face-to-face with a CIT-certified Deputy. On average, the CIU responds to approximately 50 calls a month.

The CIU is also tasked with representing the JCSO on the local and state CIT Councils, facilitating instruction at CIT trainings and in the community, and developing and maintaining community partnerships with service providers and stakeholders.

Additionally, CIU members are trained Crisis Negotiators and fully integrated with the negotiating team to respond to high-risk crises. During these team activations, the CIU provides coaching on communication, completes safety and risk assessments, and assists with debriefing witnesses or others involved in the incident.

What is CIT?

The Crisis Intervention Team is a partnership of law enforcement and other first responders, behavioral health providers, hospitals, courts, individuals with lived experience, and community partners dedicated to providing better outcomes to those experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

The 40-hour basic CIT training focuses on behavioral health education and de-escalation skills. The basic course promotes safer and more effective interactions between law enforcement and first responders working with individuals in crisis, connects individuals with available community resources in efforts to avoid involvement with the criminal justice system and unnecessary hospital visits when appropriate, and reducing stigma surrounding mental health crises.

CIT is state-wide, and most counties in Missouri have an established council. For additional information, please visit

crisis intervention team
Austin Schwent, Lisa Flamion, and Dr. Joshua White


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