Community Relations

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is committed to establishing close ties with and responding to the needs of the community as well as the development and perpetuation of community crime prevention programs. The Sheriff’s Office shall effect community relations and crime prevention activities as needed in an effort to reach a reasonable balance between reactive and proactive functions. The Sheriff’s Office shall conduct a survey every three years of the citizens attitudes and opinions with respect to:

  • overall agency performance
  • overall competence of agency employees
  • citizens' perception of officers' attitudes and behavior
  • community concern over safety and security within the agency's service area
  • citizens' recommendations and suggestions for improvements.

The results shall be compiled, with a written summary provided to the Sheriff by the commander of the road services or the Sheriff’s designee.

Although community relations and crime prevention functions are shared by all sworn supervisors and deputies of the Sheriff’s Office and each sworn member is responsible for promoting good community relations, the planning and coordinating of community relations and crime prevention activities shall be the responsibility of the Special Operations Division.  Effort will be made to assure harmony between reactive operations, proactive community relations/crime prevention activities.  An atmosphere of cooperation shall exist between the Special Operations Community Relations/crime prevention component and all Sheriff’s Office divisions.  All employees of the Sheriff’s Office should recognize that the existence of a community relations/crime prevention component in no way relieves him/her of the responsibility to promote good community relations on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.

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