Sheriff's Office

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department PatchWe serve the largest rural population in the State of Missouri with over 225,000 people covering 660 square miles. Jefferson County is the most unique county in the State of Missouri in that approximately 70% of the population resides outside any of its municipalities. Jefferson County is one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri, both in residential and industrial growth.

We are a very diverse county, both geographically and by population. To the North, we adjoin St. Louis County and are comparable to any large metropolitan area. While on the east side of the county, we follow the Mississippi River with large subdivisions and communities enjoying scenic views overlooking its banks. To the south and west, we neighbor Ste. Genevieve County, St. Francois County, Washington County, and Franklin County where a rural, sparsely populated farm community atmosphere still exists. It would not be unusual for us to handle a bank robbery to the north and a cattle rustling charge in the south of our county all in the same day.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is located in the Jefferson County Justice Center located at 400 First Street in Hillsboro. This facility was built in 2008 and is also the home of the Juvenile Division and the Jefferson County Municipal Court. Prior to moving to this location we were located on the 2nd floor of the County Jail. The County Jail was built in 1991, the facility originally included a 110-bed correction facility that rapidly was outgrown. After the Sheriff's Office moved out in 2008 the Jail was renovated to add an additional 150 beds. 

Currently, we have three zone offices in the county with the North Zone Office located in the Dillon Shopping Plaza in High Ridge, the East Zone Office at the former maintenance facility building at the Windsor School District in Imperial, and the South Zone operating out of Jefferson College just north of Hillsboro. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office employs 162 sworn officers and 76 civilian employees. We provide a full service correctional facility to the citizens of our county, complete all civil process required by any of the courts, provide bailiffs to each of the 12 different court rooms, as well as normal law enforcement services to the community.

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