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Request Forms

  1. Citizen Survey

    Please take this short survey to let us know how we're doing.

  2. Crime Tip

    Provide a Crime Tip to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

  3. Public Relations Event

    If you would like the Sheriff's Office to participate in your event, please complete the form below and an officer will contact you.

  4. Resident Camera Program

    The Resident Camera Program allows residents and business owners to register locations and capabilities of their security camera... More…

  5. Veteran with PTSD

    If you are a Combat Veteran who suffers from PTSD and would like your neighbors to be courteous with fireworks, please complete this... More…

  1. Community Survey

    Used primarily to measure the level of fear in a neighborhood.

  2. Drug Tip

    Provide a Drug Tip to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

  3. Report A Concern

    If this is an emergency, dial 911. Otherwise, if you have something you would like the Sheriff's Office in Jefferson County, Missouri... More…

  4. Traffic Enforcement Request

    If you have any traffic concerns you would like us to address, please complete the following form with as much detail as possible.

  5. Webmaster

    Contact the Webmaster for comments or concerns.