How do I set up an account with the inmate phone system provider?

You may set up a phone account by going to Securus Technologies website or by calling 1-800-844-6591. The detainee phone system is provided by Securus in the dayroom which is accessed with a personal identification number assigned during intake.  These telephones are available under normal circumstances according to individual dayroom schedules.  Use of the telephone may be restricted as operationally necessary for safety and security purposes, or during periods of high volume.  Calls on these phones are for outgoing calls through the use of pre-paid accounts and calling cards.  Pre-paid calling cards are available for purchase through the commissary kiosk.  Other credit card calls, time and charge calls, and third number calls are not permissible.  In verified emergency situations, detainees will be provided the opportunity for emergency calls.

The detainee phone system permits non-citizens to contact a consulate or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement free of charge.  The system also permits free calls to local Public Defender’s Offices, Attorney’s and the PREA Hotline. Telephone calls to the Courthouse, Sheriff’s Office or employees of the Sheriff’s Office are prohibited.

With exception to the local Public Defender’s Office and Attorney’s, calls are subject to recording and monitoring.

Securus Telephone Guide

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