DWI Enforcement

A DWI enforcement Deputy gives a sobriety test to a driverDrive Sober or Get Pulled OverThe primary objective of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Alcohol Enforcement Program is to reduce alcohol and/or drug-related traffic offenses by fielding units that are specially trained and equipped to apprehend and process alcohol or drug-impaired drivers. It shall be the mission to actively seek and enforce those laws, which prohibit persons from operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs on the roadways of this county.

Patrol Division Enforcement 

All Officers of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office while on patrol duty shall, as part of their duty performance, attempt to locate and arrest alcohol or drug impaired drivers. In situations where a suspected alcohol or drug-impaired driver is observed, and the deputy is responding to a priority call, or otherwise "out of service" and not able to make the stop, then the officer shall provide “dispatch information” of the vehicle description, location, and direction of travel to any available unit in the area of the vehicle, which may attempt to intercept and arrest the suspected alcohol or drug-impaired driver. 

Grant Enforcement

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office relies on funding provided by state and federal agencies to assist with alcohol countermeasures. Those officers working on D.W.I. enforcement grants are directly responsible for handling D.W.I. enforcement activities, which they may encounter, as well as those violations that a patrol officer may encounter. Thus, if a patrol officer encounters a violation associated with drinking/drugged driving, and there is an officer working on a D.W.I. enforcement grant patrol, on duty and available, then the grant officer will handle the arrest and reporting requirements. This will allow the patrol officer time to accomplish other patrol functions.

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    Zachary Faulkner